綠色能源夢成真 2023/24 (大專)
Green Energy Dreams Come True 2023/24 (Tertiary Institutes)

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Target Participants
Higher diploma, associate degree and bachelor's degree students of the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong
Deadline for Submission of Enrolment Form and Proposal
On or before 30 September 2023
Submission of Enrolment Form and Proposal
30 September 2023
HK Electric Project Selection and Fund Release
November 2023
Visit HK Electric
November 2023
Project Implementation
2023年11月 – 2024年5月
November 2023 – May 2024
Interim Report Submission
28 February 2024
Final Report Submission
31 May 2024
Shortlisting finalist teams for Final Presentation
15 June 2024
夢想簡報 *
Final Presentation*
6 July 2024
Internship of the Champion
2025年7 – 8月
July – August 2025
*Final Presentation will be held on Saturday, so students who may need to work during summer can attend.
HK Electric eagers to promote the exploration and research in topics like green energy, carbon reduction and sustainability. We also recognise students with projects which demonstrate excellence in green energy, carbon reduction, sustainability and innovation. HK Electric will provide funding to support the implementation of the project, follow with Hong Kong's strategies and targets for combating climate change and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The Champion will be offered an internship opportunity to understand the development of the power sector in Hong Kong. 
Project Theme(s)
  • 應用可再生能源
  • 研習及使用清潔能源
  • 推廣能源效益或能源可持續發展
  • 運用創科推動綠色智慧城市發展
  • 減碳技術發展及應用
Project theme(s) must be within one of the following areas:
  • Application of renewable energy
  • Study and use of clean energy
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Application of new technologies to promote the development of green smart city
  • Development and application of carbon reduction technology
  • 項目形式不限,例如研究、裝置設施、模型、藝術品、電腦遊戲、動畫、影片 、展覽或舉辦推廣活動等。
  • 項目形式須與主題相關並達至教育及推廣碳中和之效。
  • Deliverable(s) of the project include but not limited to research, installation, model, art piece, computer games, computer animations, video and exhibition.
  • Deliverable(s) must be related to the project theme(s) and suitable for educational and promoting carbon neutrality purposes.
  • 全港大專院校正就讀高級文憑﹑副學士或學士課程的學生均合資格參加。
  • 每隊由一至四位同學組成。
  • 參賽項目如曾經或於參賽期間獲得其他資助或參與其他比賽,必須向大會申報,評審團在評分時將作特別考慮。
  • Higher diploma, associate degree and bachelor's degree students of the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong are eligible to join.
  • Students can join individually or by forming a team consisting of not more than 4 members.
  • If the project to be submitted has participated in / applied for other competitions or sponsorship from schools / other resources, disclosure must be made to HK Electric. The Adjudication Panel will have special consideration in the scoring process.
Seed Fund
Each shortlisted team will entitle up to HK$50,000 seed fund to support its project implementation.
  • 參加隊伍提交參加表格、計劃書、預算、時間表和補充資料。
  • 評審團選出入選隊伍。
  • 入選隊伍提交中期報告及完成報告。
  • 入選隊伍會被邀請透過線上或現場進行夢想簡報,完成夢想簡報後評審團將選出勝出隊伍。
  • The applicants will submit a completed enrolment form and proposal outlining the topic, content and relevant materials to HK Electric.
  • The Adjudication Panel will select and endorse teams to enter the competition.
  • The teams will submit the Interim Report and Final Report to HK Electric.
  • The teams will be invited to an online or face-to-face Final Presentation to present their project to the Adjudication Panel. Following the Final Presentation, the Adjudication Panel will select the award winners.
Considerations for Proposal Shortlisting Criteria
  • 項目內容對參賽者的教育意義
  • 項目的創意及原創性
  • 項目對社區的益處
  • 項目的推廣可以有效及環保地傳遞到大眾
  • 參賽者對項目內容已有仔細的規劃及具有一定程度的理解
  • 參賽者可以合理地運用種子基金的預算
  • 參賽者可以計劃在有限時間內完成的工作進度表
  • The educational significance of the project content to participants
  • Creativity and originality of the project
  • Benefits of the project to the community
  • The promotion of the project can be effectively and environmentally friendly delivered to the public
  • Participants have carefully planned and have a certain degree of understanding of the project content
  • Participants can reasonably use the budget of the seed fund
  • Participants can plan a working schedule that can complete within a limited time
Additional Resources
  • 參觀智惜用電生活廊 / 南丫發電廠 (視乎情況而定)或其他有關綠色能源 / 減碳 / 智慧城市的工作坊和講座。
  • Visits to Smart Power Gallery and Lamma Power Station (subject to the conditions) or Workshop and seminar on green energy / decarbonisation / smart city.
Judging Criteria
完成報告 (佔總分40%)
  • 項目的成效及可持續性(20%)
  • 報告內容及撰寫技巧(15%)
  • 創意及原創性(10%)
  • 團隊合作及資源分配(5%)
夢想簡報 (佔總分60%)
  • 簡報內容(15%)
  • 表達技巧(15%)
  • 趣味性及創意(10%)
  • 團隊分工 / 時間管理(10%)

Final Report (40% of the total score)
  • Project effectiveness and sustainability (20%)
  • Report content and writing skills (15%)
  • Creativity and originality (10%)
  • Team work and resources management (5%)
Final Presentation (60% of the total score)
  • Presentation content (15%)
  • Presentation skills (15%)
  • Creativity (10%)
  • Teamwork and time management (10%)

Adjudication Panel
The Adjudication Panel consists of members of the Advisory Committee of HK Electric’s Smart Power Education Fund and representatives from Cyberport. In case of dispute, the Panel’s decision shall be final.
  • 冠軍: 現金港幣30,000元、獎盃一座、各隊員獲獎狀一份及港燈實習機會
  • 亞軍: 現金港幣20,000元、獎盃一座、各隊員獲獎狀一份
  • 季軍: 現金港幣10,000元、獎盃一座、各隊員獲獎狀一份
  • 優異獎: 現金港幣2,000元、各隊員獲獎狀一份
The Adjudication Panel will present the following award based on the implementation, Final Report and Final Presentation of the project in accordance with the judging criteria:
  • Champion: Cash prize HK$30,000, a trophy, certificate for each member, internship opportunity in HK Electric
  • 1st Runner-up: Cash prize HK$20,000, a trophy, certificate for each member
  • 2nd Runner-up: Cash prize HK$10,000, a trophy, certificate for each member
  • Merit Award: Cash prize HK$2,000, certificate for each member
蘇展毅先生 Mr. Brian So
2843 3429 brianso@hkelectric.com
顧梓炯先生 Mr. Eric Ku
3143 3842 tkku@hkelectric.com
本公司已委托 Online-Survey.Net 在此活動負責收集你的個人資料以作活動報名之用,而本公司則會使用所收集的資料進行安排本活動所用。為致力保障個人資料的私隱權,本公司確保在收集、使用、保留、轉移及查閱個人資料方面的政策及活動,均符合香港個人資料 (私隱) 條例 (「條例」) 的規定。此表格內所收集之個人資料將供港燈作為此「綠得開心計劃」之用。要求查詢及更正個人資料,可以書面方式電郵至 greenenergy@hkelectric.com,brianso@hkelectric.com 和 tkku@hkelectric.com,或傳真至2810 0506或郵寄香港堅尼地道44號港燈中心4樓集團發展科蘇展毅先生收。
Privacy Policy
We have entrusted Online-Survey.Net to collect your personal data for registration of this event and we will use the information collected to arrange this event. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance") of Hong Kong. The purpose of collecting personal data in this enrolment form is for the use by The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited in connection with the “HK Electric Happy Green Campaign”. Data access and correction requests should be in writing and addressed to Mr. Brian So, via email to greenenergy@hkelectric.com, brianso@hkelectric.com and tkku@hkelectric.com or fax to 2810 0506 or by post to 4/F, Corporate Development Division, Hongkong Electric Centre, 44 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong.
1. 申請人及/或參與者將擁有該項目的知識產權及設計、材料、產品的權益。儘管有以上條款,香港電燈有限公司 (港燈) 保留使用參賽學校項目所有資料的權利,以助推廣和普及學界對能源效益的認識。
2. 港燈不會對任何人因參加該項活動而直接或間接地發生之任何事故、傷害或損失承受任何責任。申請人須承擔進行該活動的一切責任。
3. 申請人遞交的所有資料,無論獲接納與否,均一概不予發還。
4. 評審團的結果將為最終決定。
Terms and Conditions
1. The intellectual property and all rights to the design, materials and deliverables of the sponsored project shall remain with the applicant and/or those who conduct the project. Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited (“HK Electric”) shall have the right to use the ideas, materials and deliverables of the projects sponsored by HK Electric Smart Power Campaign for promoting better understanding of energy conservation to students, its visitors and/or the public on clean and sustainable energy in Hong Kong.
2. HK Electric shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury or accident directly or indirectly from or in connection with the participation of this programme. The applicant and the project team, if and, shall be wholly responsible for all project activities.
3. All materials submitted for application will not be returned.
4. The Adjudication Panel’s decision shall be final.

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